How to Be YOU When There Is So Much Digital Noise

There is no shortage of noise in online space. You log onto your social media accounts and you are bombarded with an inside peek into the life of everyone else. You see pictures of their friends, family, vacation, jobs, all perfectly put together – leaving you feeling this pit in your stomach. Leaving you to feel like you aren’t enough just as you are.

We see these things and let it influence our world and the way we process and act on things.

As an Intentional Living Coach, my mission is to empower women to embrace their purpose, choose joy, and create alignment through intentional living.

Social media is an amazing connecting tool if you use it in the way it was intended. It brings people from all over the world closer together to form connections, relationships, and partnerships. It brings together families separated long ago, friends who had lost touch, and new communities.

Being intentional about the things we allow into our world is of utmost importance if we are standing in our own truth and being authentic to who we are.

Here are my 5 steps to living a life of intention and authenticity:

1) Stop the scroll – don’t let the distraction of social media deter you from your truest potential. Let go of the people that put out an energy that makes you feel unworthy, inadequate or not enough.

2) Share your light and your vision – share what speaks most to your heart and soul. Shine your light so bright that people are naturally attracted to your amazing potential and love.

3) Pause, reflect, create space – Don’t fill every waking moment of your life with something. Take the time to turn inwards and listen to your inner voice.

4) Set boundaries – with your time, in relationships and in your physical world. Having clearly defined boundaries will allow you to strive for that intentional and purposeful life.

5) Choose joy and gratitude – always. Look for the amazing things around you. Treat every struggle as a learning opportunity to rise up to your fullest potential.

Be authentically you. The world needs your light. You will shine brighter when you share your passion, love and heart. You are strong. You are powerful. You are enough.


About the Author:

Jess of 'Live Well With Jess' is a Certified Life Coach with a mission to empower women to embrace their purpose, choose joy and create alignment through intentional living. As a Registered Nurse she knows that life is so precious and should be used to it's fullest potential. She enjoys walking with people on their journey to discovering their purpose and working towards a life that they love. You can find out more about Jess and her work at: or on Instagram @livewellwithjess

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