Mini Dance Fitness Video Series – Part 3

Fitness trainer, dancer, choreographer Shanda Domango is back to show us another easy-to-follow and SUPER FUN dance cardio routine.

The last part of a three video series that we have partnered up to present to you.

Now, who can use a change of pace and more importantly, some fun in our workouts?

Take a break from your usual workout and try this 3-minute dance cardio routine with us!


Can’t get enough?! Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


About the Author:

Trained in Dance, Fitness and Nutrition, Shanda is known for her passion, motivation, and energy as a DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, and PERSONAL TRAINER. Merging her love for dance and fitness, Shanda traveled as one of the leading performers and choreographers of SWEET MANGO and toured her renown Hip Hop Cardio classes around the country. Shanda has worked with clients across the country in achieving weight loss, lean muscle gain, and increased energy. She specializes in creatively designing workouts for clients that are fun, challenging, and encourages growth. Shanda currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana where she runs, Domango Training, a company that provides Dance, Nutrition, and Fitness healthy active lifestyle services to corporate, community, and private groups and individuals. Connect with Shanda at, Facebook, or Instagram (@DomangoTraining).

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