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What is a Scalloped Tongue Telling You?

If you have ever experienced an acupuncture treatment before, chances are that your Doctor was taking a peek at your tongue before starting the treatment. This may seem a bit strange to most and I

Three C’s for Your Most Beautiful Skin

I can’t count the number of times my clients, followers and friends ask me what skin-care products I used to get rid of acne. Although I do use facial oils and masks made with safe

A Tale of Two Food Systems

In this article, after returning from a trip to France, I reflect on the remarkable European food system and how the U.S. industrial food system often falls short. Sometimes it takes a trip to another

What Your Lunula Tell You About Your Health

The human body is an amazing biological system. It has the ability to adapt to new environments and different situations. In Chinese Medicine theory, it is believed when there is an imbalance on the inside;

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