Kundalini: A Yoga of Transformation

Kundalini yoga is a technology thousands of years old that helps you to align with your authentic self. It works to realign all of the systems in the body to function at optimal levels so that an abundant amount of energy can flow through you.

As a result of practicing this yogic technology, the kundalini energy locked at the base of the spine begins to flow upwards through the upper chakras. One experiences expanded and heightened consciousness as old problems, patterns, and identities begin to fall away.

This is a deeply transformative process that allows one to merge with and relate to the infinite aspect of one’s self and universal consciousness. Everyone will have a unique experience when practicing kundalini yoga, but the benefits of healing and transformation are unparalleled in my experience.

I used to work at a large investment bank in New York City, and the technology of kundalini yoga allowed me to completely transform my life. In a short amount of time I healed health problems and addiction, built self confidence, and found a larger sense of purpose and meaning. My identity was rebuilt to be that of an eternal soul rather than the limited sense of self I had previously based on my upbringing.

This deeply healing transformational technology has the capacity to shift the consciousness of humanity, allowing us to solve the problems that we face today from a space of expanded and heightened consciousness.

The techniques of kundalini had previously been kept secret because of the power that they bestow on practitioners. However Yogi Bhajan, a master teacher of kundalini yoga, foresaw the challenges that would be faced in this time, and openly taught in the United states from 1969 – 2004 in order to provide a foundation of teachings that would help people during this turbulent and computerized time that he called the Aquarian Age.

Yogi Bhajan spoke of an increasing pressure on the planet as a result of computerized technology, and knew that people would seek relief from this pressure through the practice of kundalini yoga.

There are many opportunities to practice and incorporate this technology into your life. One pranayama from the kundalini tradition that helps to raise ones consciousness and calm the nervous system is alternate nostril breathing. Try it below.


Alternate Nostril Breathing for Perspective and Emotional Balance

Tune In: Repeat the Mantra “Ong Na Mo Guru Dev Na Mo” three times to connect to your higher self and the lineage of yogic teachers and masters.

Breath Pattern: Close off the right nostril with right thumb and inhale deeply through the left nostril. Then close off the left nostril with the index finger or the little finger and exhale through the right nostril.

Eyes: Eyes are closed and focused up at the brow point or third eye.

Time: Continue with long deep regular breaths for 3-31 minutes.


Just this simple breath pattern can be used in times of high stress to help develop the meditative mind. The more you practice this technology, the more subconscious patterns will come up for healing, the more relief you will experience, and the easier life will become


About the Author: Jackie O’Shea

Jackie O’Shea, also known as Onkarjeet Kaur, is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. She transformed her life in just a few years using the technology of kundalini yoga. She loves helping people align with their destiny path and higher purpose. Her free video series on Destiny Path Alignment can be found at angelsandintuition.com/destiny-path-alignment. She also provides one-on-one Destiny Path Alignment sessions, more information available at angelsandintution.com, to help you align with your higher self and higher purpose. 



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