Five Thoughtful Wellness Gift Ideas for the Holidays

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it can be easy to get swept up in the busyness of the season. I know I’ve personally found myself the last few days before Christmas at a big box store trying desperately to find gifts for those final people on my list and ending up with something too expensive and not quite right. Years ago my family made a conscious shift to simplify holiday gift giving. Smaller but thoughtful gifts can make the holidays feel even more special.

Here are a few gifts for wellness lovers that are currently on my list of favorites:

Indoor Plants

Spending time in nature is proven to be beneficial to our health and wellness. Although the research is less extensive some studies suggest that bringing some of that nature indoors can also help reduce stress and increase productivity.  I love plants that are easy to take care of. Succulents and air plants are very forgiving and take minimal care. You can find them in beautiful little terrariums at your local garden store. Or to give it a more personal touch order a kit like this darling one from Green Lemon Designs and put it together yourself. Green thumb or not, your wellness lover will enjoy its company.

DIY Natural Skin Care

DIY Silky Oat Bath Tea

Who wouldn’t be delighted by a delicious smelling scrub that you made yourself? Especially if it came in a sweet jar that you found at the thrift shop or antique store. Check out these wonderful and easy recipes by Little Green Dot. You can feel good knowing you are giving someone you care about a decadent treat that will make them feel spoiled without all of the unnecessary ingredients or chemicals.

 Bullet Journal

The gift of a beautiful journal can help inspire a person to make time for self-reflection and personal growth. Writing daily about what you are grateful for, dreams you have, and things that inspire you is a wonderful way to begin or end the day and has been shown to have a positive impact on health and wellness. Bullet journaling adds a fun new twist to traditional journal keeping. Help your loved one get started with everything they will need in one colorful kit. For extra inspiration, print off a few ideas from Pinterest. Even those who are new to journaling will be able to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Meditation Bell

Do you have someone in your life who is curious about meditation but has been shy to get started? Give them a little encouragement through the gift of a meditation bell. Help them bring more peace, calm and balance to their life through meditation. Pair your gift with a local meditation class or a meditation app – I love this free one by One Giant Mind – so they will have everything they need to confidently give it a try.

Race Entry Registration

One of my current favorite gift ideas is to give the gift of an activity to do together. If it is a goal of yours and your loved one to get more active, one idea is to register the both of you for a race to participate in together. Having a goal to work towards and supporting each other along the way is a great way to bring better health and wellness into both their and your lives. If you need a little extra help the C25K program has supported millions in kick-starting a more active lifestyle. Use this handy race finder to find a fun race to train for together!

We all want to live life in a way that helps us to move, feel, think, and do our best – and we want the same for the people we love. As you are making your gift list this year, consider giving things that will help your friends and family focus on their health and wellness.

Be happy, be healthy, be well!


About the Author:

Brooke Larrabee is a Master Certified Health Coach and owner of Wellspring Health and Wellness Coaching. She has a background in nutrition, coaching, and health and wellness – she holds a professional certificate in Functional Nutrition, and is endorsed by the Dr Sears Wellness Institute to work with families, women in all stages of pregnancy and seniors. She is a mom of two little ones, an avid runner and yogi, loves cooking fresh healthy whole foods and spends as much time in her garden and outdoors as possible. You can learn more about her on her website Wellspring Health and Wellness, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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