Expert Tips to Help Transform Your Complexion for Fall

The fall season is here, which means only two months left until temperatures begin to drop. Declining temperatures mean you’ll need to moisturize more, and the lotions and creams you’ve used during the summer will likely need to be replaced with season-appropriate products and used with greater consistency.

Here are some solid tips to get your complexion ready for fall:

Choose the skincare formula that matches your complexion

The simplest, cheapest strategy to care for your complexion is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This might seem cliché, but it’s the best approach to begin with. Your complexion can dehydrate during the hot summer months, but your skin also needs additional moisture in the fall, when the weather is cold and more drying.

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As soon as the body gets used to drinking 8 glasses every 24 hours, try increasing the number until you reach half your body weight in ounces. Add fresh fruits to your water, like lemons or strawberries, to help keep it interesting. Your body will thank you with a glowing complexion.

Wash makeup off

Washing off makeup is a general beauty rule that all women should abide by. Regardless of the season, you should never go to sleep wearing makeup of any sort. If you’ve fallen into the bad habit of heading to bed with your makeup still on because you don’t want to spend the time washing your face, try makeup-removing cloths. The best are made from organic fibers with neutral pH and no alcohol.

Choose a healthy foundation that matches your skin

The right type of foundation that matches your skin makes the difference in both how your skin looks and how your skin reacts. Settling on the right nuance of color is just as important as the ingredients contained in that foundation. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, so focus on choosing products made with natural, toxin-free ingredients. Using an app such as Think Dirty can help you decipher ingredients you may not be able to understand.

Healthy lifestyle

What goes inside of your body becomes visible on the outside. Don’t expect your skin to look amazing if you spend the day eating refined sugars and processed foods. A healthy lifestyle is what you need to transform your complexion, and make the skin look impeccable. Usually, uneven skin tone, pimples, redness, and even premature signs of aging appear due to an underlying imbalance in the body, exacerbated by such factors as inadequate sleep, imbalanced nutrition, insufficient hydration, or chronic toxic burden, such as smoking.

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Consult a professional

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and feel like doing everything right but you have skin issues that still persist, this is a good time to work with a skin professional, such as a dermatologist, as well as a practitioner, such as a functional medical doctor or naturopathic physician, who can help identify potential hormone imbalances or other underlying issues you may be experiencing. It’s natural for women to want to look beautiful with and without makeup. Why risk your complexion’s health when you can consult with a practitioner to tackle the issue from within?

Transforming your complexion for fall season and making it look fabulous is easier said than done. But with the right advice, you can make it work.


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