Eat Your Way to Balanced Hormones

What exactly do hormones do?

Hormones are the signaling messengers of the body. They don’t actually carry out the job themselves, but instead, send instructions to a particular part of the body to do the work. Although at first glance you might be thinking, “these don’t really matter, do they?” this is far from the truth. There are dozens of hormones in the human body, but only a few big players control most of the vital functions of day-to-day living. These hormones often get the spotlight since we really can feel the difference when they aren’t working properly. These are hormones such as thyroid hormone, estrogen & progesterone, cortisol and insulin.

How do I know if mine are out of balance?

It’s not hard to see (or feel) hormones that are out of balance. A particular hormone can either be too high, too low, or disproportionate to others in the same family.

Here are a few common symptoms that could indicate imbalanced hormones:

-Poor sleep (excess cortisol, low progesterone)

-PMS (excess estrogen)

-Acne (excess estrogen, excess cortisol)

-Difficulty losing weight (any hormone!)

-Hair loss (low thyroid)

-Irregular periods (low progesterone)

Food to detox and rebalance

Yikes! So if you are experiencing at least one of the above symptoms, now what??

Well, the good news is that food is a great place to start in order to help the body naturally reset and rebalance. Certain foods are known to help the liver detoxify and improve digestive function so that you can get rid of excess estrogen and cortisol, while supporting a healthy thyroid and metabolism. Foods high in sulphur, antioxidants and fiber should be staples in your diet in order to get maximum impact.

Here are some of my favourites:




Chia & ground flax seeds

Brazil nuts & pumpkin seeds

Sweet potato


Parsley & cilantro

When food isn’t enough

Healthy hormones can take anywhere from 1-3 months to achieve, but most of this depends on your specific condition. If detoxing with food has not been beneficial after 4-6 weeks, I always recommend seeing a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor who knows hormones. They can get to the root cause of the issue efficiently so there’s no more guessing!


About the Author:

Dr. Laura Belus, is a licensed naturopathic doctor practicing in Toronto, Canada. She believes that getting healthy shouldn’t be hard & created the 21 Day Whole Body Detox to get your health back on track, naturally! Stay connected for daily health tips by following her on Instagram . For more information about her detox programs visit

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