How to Detox through Dry Brushing

Detoxification is essential for optimal health as it frees our cells and organs to engage and function in their proper activities effectively. This allows our body to heal and repair itself naturally. Our lymphatic system is a part of our circulatory system, one of six detoxification systems in our body that is vital to our immune health as it acts as a filter for the liver to prevent clogging and overload.

One of the best ways to help open this pathway is through dry brushing. By stimulating this detox pathway of the body, we are able to eliminate toxins from the body by assisting lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation, and by improving the skin’s ability to better eliminate toxins through the skin itself.

To get started you’ll need a non-synthetic, natural bristle brush. I like ones that have a long, removable handle so I have options on how I hold it for different regions of the body. I always recommend clients dry brush before showering, as you can then rinse away any loose skin so toxins are not reabsorbed into the body, as our skin both excretes and absorbs.

To get started, begin at your feet, gently sweeping your way up, avoid scrubbing. You always want to move toward your heart as this is best for the circulation and lymphatic systems and their natural flow.

Avoid dry brushing your face, breasts, groin and any other tender areas. The amount of pressure you apply will depend on what you are comfortable with. Start lightly and adjust from there; you will gain more tolerance once your skin becomes accustomed to the practice.

You can dry brush for as long or as short of a time that you would like. After a few weeks of this daily practice, combined with healthy eating, you may notice a decrease in cellulite, dry skin, and improved digestion!


About the Author:

Rebecca Camire is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) based out of Southern, NH. She is the author of the EBook - The Smoothie Reset, dedicated to educating you on the importance of building a well rounded, nutritionally packed smoothie. When she’s not creating new recipes, sipping smoothies, or helping clients she enjoys yoga and spending time with friends searching for her favorite-- matcha lattes! For more mouthwatering recipes and lifestyle tips visit Refreshed Nutrition and follow along on Instagram @refreshed_nutrition.

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