About Michelle Pesce, NTP

Say hello to the taste of good health with Michelle Pesce, a Nutritional Therapist trained in Neuro-Linguistical assessments to personalized nutritional plans. "Back to the future in food" is a concept she believes that guides our modern lives while staying connected to the wisdom of our ancestral eating habits and getting back to what our tastebuds truly crave - healthy delectable food. It brings her great joy to encourage clients to become their own nutritional expert by connecting their mind, body and spirit to the foods they eat. She believe it’s time to see cooking and eating through a new lens. To see it as a meditation, a medication, as a craft to the best you. Serving up her love for ancestral foods to delight, satisfy and heal one urban warrior at a time, Michelle enjoys photographing and styling her own creations enticing you to follow along one delicious bite at a time. Come over for dinner at HelloPalate.com and see what’s cookin'.