About Courtney Fletcher, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.

Courtney earned her Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego; one of the top ranking schools in the nation. She also had the opportunity to receive additional training abroad at LiaoNing TCM University in ShenYang, China where she was able to work closely with multiple TCM practitioners in various hospital wards with training focused on respiratory, gastrointestinal and renal disorders. Through her studies she has learned how to give gentle, effective and pain-free acupuncture treatments, prescribe Chinese herbal remedies, perform cupping and moxabustion, and provide nutritional advice. She also had the opportunity to provide care to seniors at San Diego's free Downtown Clinic. While at Pacific College, Courtney focused her studies on women's health and Japanese style meridian acupuncture. She studied under fertility specialists Shelly Krahn and Donna Keefe and attended multiple lectures in San Francisco from master Japanese meridian acupuncturist Ikeda Masakazu Sensei. She is now licensed in the state of California and nationally as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. Courtney is passionate about providing the best care to all of her patients as she strongly believes that the happiest person is a healthy person. Find out more about Courtney on her website CourtneyRoseAcupuncture.com, Facebook and Instagram (@courtneyroseacupuncture).