About Clara Wisner, BS, NTP

Clara Wisner is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach of rEvolutionary Lifestyle. She attended the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO from 2012-2015. Clara Wiser is also a Certified Primal Expert, an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, and a Level 1 Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Clara specializes in helping women ditch toxic habits and release the self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them from creating the health and happiness they desire with her unique coaching approach that addresses mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Having a highly clinical education in nutrition, Clara blends this scientific knowledge of biology and physiology, with her deep and personal understanding of the emotional components of dietary and lifestyle change. By blending the clinical with the energetic, Clara creates customized nutrition and lifestyle programs that facilitate true mind-body transformation for her clients. Clara works with people one-on-one all over the world via phone and virtual sessions, and in her private coaching practice in Denver, CO. She also created and runs the 21 Day rEvolutionize Your Life Program and the Fire Up Your Metabolism Plan. If you are looking for more personalized support on your health journey, Clara is the one to reach out to. She makes a personal commitment to every client's success, and it is her number one mission in life to make sure every person she works with feels highly supported, completely safe, and incredibly cared for. Clara is currently traveling the world with her husband working on the research for a book about the different healing modalities in the places she visits. Her adventuresome soul is happy. Find more about Clara on Facebook (REvolutionary Lifestyle) , Instagram (@therevolutionarylifestyel), www.revolutionarylifestyle.com, or Snapchat: Revolutionary Lifestyle. FREE OFFERING: (sign up for a 3-day reset): www.clarawisner.com/get-free-health-guidance.