4 Ways to Start Consuming More Water

Our body consists of 70% of water. It is well established that, if continuously replenished, water can prevent myriad conditions from developing. As obvious as this may be, many of us do not consume nearly as much of it as we should, despite our best intentions.

As a woman, I should be consuming 2.2 litres everyday; however, it is not as beneficial to the body if water is being gulped down 1 litre consecutively after another in a short time period. So, not only should we be focusing on drinking enough quantity of water each day, but also to learn how to consistently take sips of water throughout the day in order for our cells to effectively absorb and put it to good use. Water plays a role in eliminating toxins, rejuvenating the skin, sharpening focus and increasing energy, curbing appetite, and boosting the immune system.

When I personally started increasing my water intake, I noticed my skin improving as well as fewer encounters with the common cold. When you have made it a habit to drink a sufficient amount of water throughout the day, your detoxification pathways are supported, which helps prevent infections as well as breakouts.

Below are a few tips to help you with getting more water on a daily basis:

 1) Slowly increase your water intake

If you’re hardly drinking any water currently, it can be difficult to jump up to two liters right off the bat. Instead, make smaller incremental increases in your daily intake of water. For example, I began by trying to drink a warm glass of water each morning, this I eventually adapted the habit of starting each day with a glass of water.

2) Add Fruit

Sometimes to motivate me to drink more water I became bored so I spiced it by using my fruit infuser water bottle, which extracted all the vitamins and minerals from the fruit along with its taste!

3) Work Up A Sweat

The more water you lose the more water you will be craving to intake.

 4) More Herbal Tea When its Cold

A nice tip for cold weather is to drink more herbal tea, which is essentially warm flavoured water and contributes largely the same effects as water.


About the Author:

Renuka Singh is a first year medical student who is also attempting to advance her daily lifestyle, fitness and nutrition using a gradual and natural approach in order to abstain from pharmaceuticals. She graduated from Honors Life Science at McMaster University, and attained work experience as a Researcher in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. Renuka commenced her journey as a preventative health advocate with foods that enhanced and prevented skin conditions such as, acne. She then expanded it to external skin care, physical activity and ultimately her lifestyle. She started a social media page named “Renuyourself”, which implies taking care of your health today to prevent conditions of tomorrow. Renuka wants to share the changes she has made to her life that has ameliorated health aspects of her desire, which can be seen on her Instagram account: @renuyourself.

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