Why You Should Try Facial Yoga for Healthier Skin (and How to Get Started)

We are all endlessly maintaining our beauty routines, healthy eating habits and exercise in our efforts to feel and look younger and glowing. These are all great strategies, and there’re healthy and glowing looking people out there to prove it.

But what If I told you there was a specific facial exercise that you could practice every day that could achieve this and more?

And that is facial yoga. This is a unique practice that you will see more of in future wellness trends. I’ve done a ton of research on it and I am certainly convinced to try it now.

What is facial yoga?

In Yoga, we pose in certain ways to benefit particular muscles of the body. Well, this is exactly how facial yoga works, except you’re targeting your facial muscles. Look at some photographs of yourself and you will already be doing it by the way you’re posing; pouting, smiling or pulling a face. We practice yoga to relax and tone our muscles, which is the main benefit of facial yoga. If we are relaxed, our wrinkles aren’t as visible.

What are the benefits?

  • Facial yoga helps slow down the process of aging, mainly from relaxing and stretching our facial muscles. Yoga exercises have been used for years by Asian and Indian cultures to stay youthful.
  • You’re increasing blood, oxygen and circulation to your skin cells, which stimulates collagen production, which in turn tones your skin and prevents more wrinkles forming. The increased blood flow and oxygen also act to detoxify your skin cells, which keep you glowing.
  • There’s nothing like a nice long stretch! Facial yoga can relieve tension in your face, jaw and neck, which is a massive stress reliever.
  • It’s free and natural!


Here are some popular and effective facial poses for you to try.

You may like to repeat each step between 5 to 10 times. Remember to try and pose and stretch as hard as you can for better results.

– Anti-Aging Exercises

Exercise 1: Start by puffing your cheeks out like a hamster and purse your lips, while transferring air from cheek to cheek. Repeat this several times.

Exercise 2: Just like an owl, widen your eyes as much as you can, but not creasing your forehead, you want to smooth your forehead out. Hold until your eyes water.

Exercise 3: Open your mouth and release your tongue as wide as you can like a dog wagging his tongue. Hold this pose as long as you can.

– Facial Slimming Exercises

Exercise 1: Raise your hand and blow kisses into the air just like Marilyn Monroe did in her photographs. Repeat this several times.

Exercise 2: Suck your cheeks in and purse your lips and then smile as hard as you can. Hold this for 10 seconds several times.

Exercise 3: Open your mouth wide open and stick your tongue out, mimicking a lion. Repeat this as hard as you can several times.

– Other Tips:

  • If you want to get the most out of facial yoga, you need to practice it at least 3-4 times a week. If you do it every now and then, it won’t benefit you.
  • If you already practice yoga, end your session by 5-10 minutes of facial exercises.
  • Before you go to bed, practice a couple of facial exercises for 5 minutes; you will be relaxing your facial muscles and circulating your skin cells to heal and function effectively.
  • There are tons of YouTube videos that teach us how to practice it the right way, so feel free to check them out if you’d like more help!

Most importantly, have fun and relax!


About the Author:

Peta Ramia, inspirational writer and founder of www.PetaRamia.com, which is a Spirituality and Well-being blog focusing on self improvement, self love and motivation for both readers and other like minded bloggers.

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