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Best Ways to Cure a “Food Hangover”

I wish there were a catchier name than “food hangover”, but that is the best way I can describe that feeling after overindulging in mass quantities of food.  This tends to happen a lot around

Green Ginger Energy Balls

Energy (or “Bliss”) balls are all over the internet, and there’s a good reason – they’re easy, tasty, and cheaper than store-bought bars, they pack well, are completely customizable for various diets or allergens, and

Common Characteristics of Mercury-Poisoned Children

During early childhood, mercury exposure can disrupt your health and development even in amounts that may seem negligible. I covered mercury’s effects during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding in a previous post. This post focuses on common

Raw Goodness for Healthy Skin

During the dark times of my acne years, I had absolutely no idea that my nutrition was the main reason for my skin problems. After so many courses of antibiotics, hormones, birth control pills and

Kalene’s Summer Fruit Salad

I have been making this salad for about 30 years. It is always a success and everyone loves it. It is totally acceptable to use as a dessert, it is that good! You can use any

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