Gut-Brain Healthy Smoothie

After writing a series of articles about the gut-brain connection (which you can find here), I wanted to provide some more practical advice on how to support your gut and brain health on a consistent

Coconut Carob Bar with Lavender

Pretty much everything I do in the kitchen revolves around quality ingredients and simplicity in throwing them all together. That’s precisely what this recipe encompasses. Simple, straightforward ingredients make up this lovely, lightly lavender-esque little

Glowing Green Juice

I absolutely love a refreshing green juice, but the store bought variety can be a bit pricey and unfortunately they lose a lot of their nutritional value sitting in the packaging on the shelf for

Dr. Bell Pepper

It's amazingly difficult to come up with a natty title related to peppers so excuse this one!! It isn't however difficult to appreciate the wonderful health benefits that colorful bell peppers can provide when eaten,

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