How To Make Your Own Dry Shampoo with Only 2 Ingredients

Here’s to everyone who uses dry shampoo more than regular shampoo (is that just me?) or for anyone aspiring to save on their water bill… or maybe just someone wanting to be a little more lenient on their hair washing schedule. We really should only wash our hair only once or twice a week – but that just does not cut it for those of us with more oily hair. Dry shampoos definitely do the trick, but they usually cost upwards of $7 per bottle and only last a few weeks!

Plus, they’re the opposite of eco-friendly with the aerosol can and packaging.

Making your own is not only better for the environment but also very cost efficient – and you already most likely have the ingredients in your pantry! Therefore it is practically FREE! It only takes 2 ingredients (3 for dark hair) and under a minute to throw together.

Plus, it’s highly customizable and you can put in any essential oil to add your favorite smell! Here’s to being eco-friendly, saving money, and good hair!



  • 1/4 cup corn starch
  • 1/4 cup cocoa/cacao powder (unsweetened) for dark hair
  • 1-2 drops essential oil of choice (optional)



  1. Put all together in a mason jar and shake until thoroughly mixed
  2. Use a cosmetic brush to apply to scalp and greasy areas. A little goes a very long way! Be sure to tap off excess on the brush before applying
  3. Let set for 30-60 seconds and then brush through hair (I like to go against the grain to give it a little more body!)
  4. Look amazing!



About the Author:

Brittyn Howard, MS, RDN/LD is a registered dietitian nutritionist based out of Oklahoma City, OK. She is the creator and food photographer behind Local Roots Dietitian, a plant-based, gluten-free blog that advocates for local, organic, and whole foods. She also practices as an outpatient pediatric dietitian for children with developmental disabilities, namely autism spectrum disorder. She has a heart for traveling, the outdoors, & hot yoga. You can check out her Instagram (@localrootsdietitian) or her blog.

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