How to Grow Your Brows Naturally

What is a main key feature that makes your face stand out? Good eyebrows.
It’s safe to say that thick eyebrows are back in fashion. If you have plucked your eyebrows too much or your eyelashes are looking thin and dull from mascara, there are a few ingredients you can use to increase the growth, strengthen and thicken your brows and even lashes, naturally! When you can achieve a good shape for your brows, you won’t need as much make-up on; which is better for your skin if you want to achieve a ‘natural’ fresh faced look.

Luckily, I have done the research for you and have made a luscious brow elixir recipe for all the goddesses to use. Yay!


Vitamin E Oil
Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Old Mascara Tube


When you have used up a mascara (I hope you are using a natural one!), wash it out with hot water until it is completely clean and leave to dry. I like to soak it in apple cider vinegar and bi-carb soda over night before rinsing it out.

Combine equally in the mascara tube all of the oils (1/3 of each) and give it a good shake.

Apply to your eyebrows and eyelashes before bed every night.

Within a few months your lashes and brows will be thicker and fuller. (I know your thinking that’s too long; but hair and skin takes time to renew itself, so you have to be patient!). Some may take longer than others depending on your hair type. My brows took a year to grow out. You can purchase the castor and vitamin E oil from a local health foods store, try to use natural and organic with no other added nasties.

DISCLAIMER* Because our skin types are all different, please always patch test before using natural ingredients as some people may react to certain things. If you are pregnant, seek professional advice first if you are using essential oils.



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